Name Matching For Marriage

Free Astrology For Marriage

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Name matching for marriage

Name Matching For Marriage

Name Matching For Marriage

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Match Your Spouse Astrologically

By Mohann Krish

Astrology can forecast a suitable marriage partner based on a detailed analysis of the horoscopes of the bride and the bridegroom. In Western Astrology , emphasis is placed upon mutual rising signs, though at present many of my Western counter-parts are considering the importance of the moon in a horoscope. For this the nature of the rising sign at birth and lord of the sign or house is examined. All angular signs or houses are grouped under triplicities.

The basic approach is to classify the signs as belonging to the four elements viz., fire, earth, air and water starting with Aries. Then we the movable, the fixed and the common signs starting with Aries. Also we have the odd and even signs, male and female signs etc. Thus if the marriage partners belong to the fiery signs ( Aries, Leo and Sagittarius ) there will be agreement in general. The owners Mars, Sun and Jupiter respectively are mutual friends, hence, zodiac compatibility exists. But they also represent respectively the movable, the fixed and the common signs!

Thus there will be differences in mentalities or psychological content! Factors like the lord of the rising sign, its strength, placement in the horoscope. play a vital role in astrological prognostications. So to assume compatibility if the rising signs are the same, is a mistaken belief. Zodiac Compatibility is all about matching the mutual strengths and weaknesses of marriage partners and understanding each other. A lot of weaknesses get camouflaged in courtships as every effort is made to impress the other. Hence, the importance of mental framework and psychological build need not be stressed.

These can be ascertained from a minute study of the moon in one’s horoscope. Moon is the ruler of Cancer, gets exalted in Taurus, is depressed in Scorpio and is considered weak in the 6th, 8th and the 12th houses. Again, it should be seen whether it is waxing or waning. Indian astrology goes further to study the birth star and its pada or quarter i.e., a division of 200 minutes (angular). Each of the (27) twenty-seven constellations excluding Abhijit has a lord or owner in triplicity starting with Krittika who is presided over by the Sun. Indian astrology also considers the moon for time-based predictions which is known as the dasa system, the well-known being Vimshottari i.e., 120 years cycle. The timing of the marriage will be detrimental if the dasas do not match or correspond to each other. Further, divisional charts, especially, Navamsa , as well as Gochara or transit effects and the twelve essential factors of matching ( detailed in an earlier article) are important.

The author is a professional chemical engineer having expertise in neutral spirits distillation. He is a free-lance web developer and has a flair for writing articles on a diverse range of subjects including the occult viz., He spends a day in the week on studying his clients’ Horoscopes His site based on Electional Astrology i.e., is quite popular.

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Name Matching For Marriage

Name Matching For Marriage

Name Matching For Marriage blog listings


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Astrology For Marriage


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second thought about marriage name?


I changed my last name upon marriage. I went to DMV and changed my last name. But I have a second thought now because I still want to use my maiden name for my business. When I researched about name change, I found out that marriage name has no consent. I didn’t change my social security so It is not going to match my ID if I don’t switch back my name. Can I be able to take back my maiden name without any problem at DMV or do I need to go to court to do so?



I’m surprised they let you change your name on your license without your social security being changed first. Usually they don’t so maybe since someone didn’t check all the appropriate paperwork you can get it done through a loop hole. Good luck.

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Marriage Counseling Questions – The Most Typically Asked Questions To Strengthen Or Save Your Relationship

Marriage Counseling Questions

A lot of couples having problems with their relationship are using more time with relationship counselors, and throughout the consultations they are asked many relationship therapy questions. Several of the questions help the husband and wife a great deal to see things from a different perspective, but there are also questions which tend to bring about some pain. To put things into perspective, marriage therapy is a look at how things happened in a couple’s union, precisely what the problems at hand are, and the required steps to enhance the connection between the wife and husband as they reside with one another and struggle with raising their own family. There are thousands of couples counselors or relationship therapists available that can help you decide how you can work out your problems and build a much better future together. Along the way several questions are asked to make sure you open up to each other to clarify your concerns in an effort to create solutions in addition to reconciliation.

Productive therapy requires that you are both ready to open up to each other, answer the relationship therapy questions as sincere as possible and talk about some of your innermost thoughts and emotions. The most elementary question which comes up is “Precisely what are the problems in your partnership that led you to relationship therapy to start with?” Each spouse will take a turn in responding to this question and usually the answers demonstrate that the relationship is affected not just by typical problems which have arised due to the dynamics between the couple (for instance: the challenges with bringing up your kids, financial problems, sex issues etc. as well as personal issues. This question can be a tough one to work with, for the reason that spouses typically disagree with one another on the importance of the issues. The counselor can teach the couple how to talk efficiently, to enable them to genuinely listen to each other and prevent conversing in a manner that will simply increase the conflict.

Another common question is: “How do you feel about a particular difficulty, and why?Responding to these kinds of questions can be extremely revealing and bring out views and inner thoughts which can be difficult to deal with (for instance: the man might be disappointed to find out that his lady is jealous each time he talks with a particular woman). Another hard question is “What is the one particular improve you intend to make to improve your relationship? Plenty of dedication and motivation will be important to make the improvements happen, therefore it is important that you are both in agreement about what ought to be done. Partners may take the safe path by making gradual modifications in their relationship and take their time. These are typically the most common marriage counseling questions you will encounter when enrolled in therapy, but you might also be asked many other questions, so that the counselor can assist you with your specific obstacles.

Tina Hanson has written many articles on marriage counseling. Visit her blog to find more marriage counseling questions and get marriage counseling advice

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